The 2nd Cuming Show

Judgment-free, sexually-fluid discussions about sexuality and spirituality from a man’s POV.

BI IS THE NEW BLACK with Torrid Souls

August 18th, 2019

Rev Jamal sits down with the sexy ladies of Torrid Souls, another sex-positive podcast by a bisexual lady couple navigating the swinging lifestyle. In this impromptu, unscripted discussion, recorded live in Austin Texas, they discuss anything and everything sexy and fun about being bisexual in the lifestyle, from a man's, woman's and couple's point of view - from dating, playing, fucking (and sometimes not) and more, including their likes, dislikes and what get's them off in bi-play.  This episode generously sponsored by and Organic  (Note: the conversation was recorded impromptu and outside of a studio setting, so the audio is a little echoey, but the conversation is HOT AF!!!).

TOO SEXY for 1 Podcast (and Meet the 1st Dirty Deacon)

August 9th, 2019

IT'S TEAM TO MEET THE FIRST DIRTY DEACON, PolyRick!!!!  If you've been following Rev. Jamal for a while, you may remember his first show/podcast, The Everything Sexy Show with Jamal & PolyRick, which was a ground-breaking radio show and podcast for men in the lifestyle, discussing everything sexy from a man's POV with no limits, no judgments and no holds-barred.  Well, this show re-introduces PolyRick (a 6'8" former MMA fighter & straight-laced monogamist, turned poly, kinky, pansexual ethical pervert) and reunites him and Rev. Jamal in a fun, funny and sexy way.  They're discussing what they've been up to since they took a hiatus from the Everything Sexy Show, and what's cuming next from them, individually and together -- and its full of sexy stories, exciting plans and the same funny and witty banter that made their first show a huge worldwide success on internet radio.  Plus, we announce our new promo code from our sponsor,, as well as sharing a preview of a very sexy cuming event for 2020 at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. 

Reclaiming Your Power as Your Own Best Lover w Dr. Nancy

July 28th, 2019

Wondering what it's like to go to a nudist or swingers resort like Hedonism II? Ever wondered how to get everything you want from a woman, or a man? Or, have you ever wondered how to successfully recover after you felt you fucked everything up?  Well it all starts with being your own best lover, and that journey can start right here and right now with this episode, where Rev. Jamal talks with Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, a world-renowned holistic clinical sexologist who is consensually nonmonogamous (among other sexy things) and works with singles and couples seeking to explore and expand their sexuality or to overcome sexual trauma and other emotional challenges in relationships, love, or sex.  The interview was recorded live and on location at Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica (so there will be some slight background noise) when Rev. Jamal and Dr. Nancy expectedly found themselves at Hedo together in June 2019. They discuss what it's like to go to Hedonism, why couples swing, BBW, sexual trauma, fake orgasms and more.  Plus, you'll also hear about some of the best times to visit Hedonism II and provide you with some options to do so, which we promise will "change your life" thanks to our friends at  and  Many thanks to Dr. Nancy, who can be reached at or @dr.nancysuttonpierce (Instagram).  Thanks for listening.

I LOVE MY DICK w Father Marc

July 16th, 2019

HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOUR DICK? Or, cock; or whatever you call it? Do you like to see cock?  Is one dick enough, or do you prefer two or more?  What about y'all non-penis-having folks -- do you love cock?  Well, in this episode you'll get a chance to find out how much when you compare your love for your cock -- or another's -- to that of a bona fide cock worshipper like Father Marc , a former porn star, who's now the newly anointed High Priest & Leader of the Temple Priapus (, an international community for men who love cock -- gay, straight, bi & anything in between. (Don't worry, ladies, their website is open to everyone and it has some sexy pics, vids and more). Father Marc joins Rev. Jamal to talk about cock, cock & more cock.  And then, head, head & more head - who doesn't like that?  Seriously, this episode is all about brotherhood and finding a common bond between men around the one thing we all (or nearly all of us) share - a cock.  The Temple teaches love, respect & a host of other sex-positive values that encourage men to be their best selves and to embrace a more positive & healthy form of masculinity than the toxic masculinity that pervades and is destroying today's society. Whether you're a cock worshipper or not, you'll be hard-pressed (pun intended) to disagree with the ultimate conclusion of this episode which is that anything that brings men together for a common purpose & common goal that's rooted in love & respect is good for our men, our families & the world.  This episode is generously sponsored by, so listen in for our promo code to save 10% on some slippery stuff for your dick!  (Note: this is a longer interview & episode, but it's good and will be hard to walk away from .. so be sure to listen 'til the end).  Xo, Rev. J.

You can find Father Marc via or on Twitter via handle @father_marc.

Diary of a Sex Goddess - Parish Michelle Blair

July 15th, 2019

In Dairy of a Sexy Goddess, Rev. Jamal gets up close and personal with Sex Goddess, Parish Michelle Blair of the Sisters of Sexuality and Parish Blair TV, for a sexy and stimulating conversation that will lift you up in more ways than one.  They discuss any and everything, including WTF is a Sex Goddess and how they help men and their relationships, her "Parish Blair Love Affair Tour, how they met at Exxxotica Chicago in 2017, who/what left Rev. Jamal's chest red and full of bite marks and why it hurt soooo good, masturbation and manifesting with sexual energy, their shared belief that "God is in the Orgasm," and more.  Plus, they tackle what's wrong with the way the church and others are handling issues around sexuality and sexual abuse, and how to help victims and the perpetrators, who are often also suffering through sexual repression and other issues.  This show is generously sponsored by, and features a discount code to save 10% off your next order of organic and sustainably made sex toys, intimate body products and educational materials that will get your mind and your body off at the same time. Video cuming soon via our YouTube channel ( Something's cuming, and if you listen to this episode it may be YOU!

You can reach Parish via or follow her on Instagram via @parishblairTV or email to  Stay tuned to for more of the 2nd Cuming!

I’d Rather Be the Pope

July 14th, 2019

What do Facebook, Donald Trump, R. Kelly & the Church have in common? In this episode, Rev. Jamal will tell you, as he discusses his views about why these people and places are having so many problems and how its impacting men, boys and the world-at-large -- and, of course, he's got some thoughts on what we can do to change all of that! As promised, Episode 2 starts with a trip down memory lane to the precise moment during the time of the Everything Sexy Show with Jamal & Poly Rick when this show (or at least the idea of it) came to be and the Rev began to figure out how to put his sexuality and spirituality together in a way that changed his life for the better. We also discuss the song "Pope" by Prince and what we think this musical genius meant by some of his lyrics and how that relates to what Rev. Jamal believes and is trying to accomplish with this show -- all before tackling the world's problems and presenting a solution that we hope will lift you up in more ways than one, and keep you cuming back for more. Shout outs to fellow podcasters Lexi Sylver of Seek Discover Create and Casual Sex with Crumb, both of whom are also featured or discussed in this episode. This show is generously sponsored by, so listen for the commercial & promo code to save 10% off any sized order. We're proud members of the NSFW Podcast Network.

The Rev Lays Hands on the Po Boy

July 12th, 2019

In this first full episode, Rev. Jamal introduces the show and himself - but he does it through the eyes and questions of a friend and fellow podcaster: that Mfer Jodie B from the Po Boyz Podcast (@poboypod)!  You'll hear a bit about the Rev, including his former podcast, The Everything Sexy Show with Jamal & Poly Rick (, what he's into sexually, where's he's cuming from spiritually and what to expect from this show.  Plus, Jodie B, asks some personal questions about dating, love, bdsm and sex, and we think you're gonna like the Rev's answers.  And, Rev. Jamal gives a preview of what's cuming next.  We also discuss an excerpt of "Take me to Church" by Hozier, and the lyrics which are very consistent with our guiding principles for this show. This show will lift you up (in more ways than one) and keep you cuming back for more.  Please visit to find out more about The 2nd Cuming, Rev. Jamal and to access additional content, from blogs, to video, and more. 

2c Promo Short Promo Video 1

July 4th, 2019

Promo Video with new content cuming soon. Our No-judgment, No limits, Nothing-is-Taboo approach to discussing sex, sexuality & spirituality from a man's POV with an ecumenical/inter-faith/non-denominational perspective is sure to lift you up, turn you on and keep you cuming back for more.  

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